17th Annual Wells Fargo Student Visual Art Contest

2014/2015 - 

The 2014/2015 Student Visual Art Contest is centered around the Caravanserai: Malaysia residency. Additional information is coming soon.

Click here for more information about Caravanserai: Malaysia

Art Contest General Guidelines:

The art contest is open to students in grades K-12 attending public, private or home schools in the Greater Houston Area.

Students compete in five divisions for Awards or Scholarships.
Division A - Grades K-2
Division B - Grades 3-5
Division C - Grades 6-8
Division D - Grades 9-11
Division E - High School Seniors

The entries will be judged on creativity, artistic skills and interpretation of the theme.
  • Personal Expression: Does the artwork provide evidence of creativity and individuality? Is the result distinctive? Does it leave an impression?
  • Technique: Does the piece display mastery of the media and tools utilized to craft the artwork? Is it well-executed? 
  • Style: Did the artist effectively compose and organize the elements of art? Is the concept presented in a unique way? Is it original?
  • Integration: Is the artist’s interpretation of the theme and motif evident in the artwork? What is the artist’s point of view and how is it revealed?
An award ceremony to celebrate with family and friends will precede the performance.

Submitting Artwork

Please read all information and follow instructions carefully. 

Visual Art Contest Registration Form - Coming soon! 

Inventory Sheets: 
Coming soon!
Teachers entering the contest on behalf of 5 or more students should submit an Inventory Sheet. The sheets will be accepted at the time of delivery only before 2:30 PM on March 17, 2014. All the artwork on a teacher's Inventory Sheet must be delivered together at one time. Each submission must be labeled.

Click here for Entry Form Labels: Coming soon!

The completed registration forms and inventory sheets can be submitted via email (jessica@spahouston.org), fax (713-632-8122), phone (713-632-8112) or in person upon delivering the artwork. 

Artwork must remain unsigned and anonymous, but the contest registration form must be printed and attached to the back of each submitted artwork. Artist Statements are not required for entry in Divisions A, B & C (Elementary and Middle School grade level), but they are recommended. Artists entering Division D & E (Grades 9-11 and High School Seniors ) must submit an Artist Statement upon delivery. Approximately 50 to 75 words are recommended for an Artist’s Statement. It should include the title of the artwork, the date of completion and a description of the media utilized. Teachers and parents may assist in writing and/or transcription the Artist’s Statement. Submitted artwork must be on paper or fabric. Artists can submit only one entry per year. We only accept work by individual artists. Group art projects and collective efforts are not allowed.

Maximum Size and Dimensions:
Rectangles: 16 x 20 inches
Circles: 19 inches in diameter
Squares: 19 X 19 inches
All other shapes must fit within the maximum dimensions of the rectangle, circle or square. Matting is recommended, but not required. The size and dimension restrictions above do not include the matting. Please do not use matting wider than 2 inches. Artwork should be not thicker than 1/2 inch.

Artwork should be submitted by the student artist or by a teacher or parent with the consent of the student artist. Teachers and Parents entering the contest on behalf of three or more young artists must include a printed inventory form upon delivery. The inventory form should be completed online at least 4 hours before the contest entry deadline. 

Artwork with completed forms may be mailed in a portfolio/envelope or delivered in person to the following address: 
Society for the Performing Arts
Attn: Education Department
615 Louisiana, Suite 100
Houston, Texas 77002

Clearly label the envelope or portfolio with:
Artist’s or Teacher’s Name
School Name
School Address
Telephone Number
Email Address


The art contest is the centerpiece of SPA’s Creativity Challenge, a series of activities and events to promote learning in the visual, performing and cultural arts. The Creativity Challenge celebrates the skill and dedication of educators and the imagination of students in grades K-12. Art educators and parents are invited to attend The Art of Teaching Creativity - a professional development workshop for teachers seeking to participate in the Creativity Challenge. The art contest submission guidelines and judging process will be reviewed and discussed. Explore mandalas from various cultures. Practice techniques in abstract color, collage and calligraphy. Get tips and advice from teachers with successful contest track records.

Important Dates

Student Submissions are accepted by appointment only except during Curbside Drop-Off Service Hours.

Curbside Drop-Off Service Hours: Located at the corner of Capital and Louisiana. 

Art Contest Deadline:

Panel Review:

Award Ceremony:

Student Art Exhibit:


Art League Houston
Museum of Fine Arts Houston
Glassell Junior School
Houston Center for Photography

The 16th Annual Student Art Contest:
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Contact Us

For help developing lesson plans or submitting artwork, please contact:

Jordan Drum, Director of Education & Community Engagement
713-632-8102 • jdrum@spahouston.org 

Jessica Capistran Nieto, Education Coordinator
713-632-8112 • jessica@spahouston.org

Special thanks to Wells Fargo Bank, corporate sponsor of SPA’s art contest.

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