Third Coast Percussion

Third Coast Percussion

Founded in 2005, Third Coast Percussion has performed for thousands of people in hundreds of concerts across the country. Based in Chicago, Third Coast Percussion teaches musicians of all ages and experience levels, and has been commissioned by dozens of composers including Glenn Kotche, Chris Cerrone, and David T. Little. Called “sonically spectacular” by the Chicago Tribune, Third Coast Percussion brings all the electricity and energy of live percussion to their live performances. This Chicago powerhouse will hit the stage in the Cullen Theater in a truly tour-de-force show.


1) KOTCHE Wild Sound, Mvt. IV
2) DEMEY Table Music
3) THOMAS Resounding Earth, Mvt II. Prayer
4) REICH Mallet Quartet
6) DILLON Ordering-Instincts
7) SCHANKLER Blindnesses
8) SKIDMORE Aliens with Extraordinary Abilities


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Jesse H. Jones Hall    615 Louisiana Street, Suite 100    Houston, Texas 77002-2715    713.227.4772
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