Pedrito Martinez

Pedrito Martinez

The venue for this performance was affected by Hurricane Harvey.  A new venue is to be determined.

Pedro Pablo “Pedrito” Martinez began his musical career at the age of 11, performing as a vocalist and percussionist with Cuban legends Tata Guines and Yoruba Andabo. His perfectly intoned tenor voice seamlessly combines popular and folkloric influences. A consummate master of Afro-Cuban folkoric music, Pedrito doesn’t just play a handful of standard batá rhythms – he plays the monumentally complex Oru seco exquisitely on each drum or on all three at once. Pedrito will captivate Cullen Theater with his infectious energy, humor, charisma, and dance moves that make him a formidable front man and percussionist.


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Sat, May 5, 2018 7:30 PM at Cullen Theater, Wortham Center

Jesse H. Jones Hall    615 Louisiana Street, Suite 100    Houston, Texas 77002-2715    713.227.4772
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