Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan

Songs of the Wanderers

Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, direct from Taiwan, will premiere in Houston this spring with the full-length work titled Songs of the Wanderers. A visually stunning tribute to spiritual pilgrimage, Songs of the Wanderers creates a world of intense reverence, distinctly Asian in its imagery yet with powerful relevance far beyond Asia. This magical work comes to life on an astonishing set with three-and-a-half tons of shimmering grains of golden rice raining down onto the stage. Directed by internationally renowned choreographer Lin Hwai-min, Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan was the first contemporary dance company in any Chinese speaking community. Its dancers receive trainings of internal martial arts, modern dance and ballet, plus meditation, Qi Gong, an ancient form of breathing exercise and calligraphy. Through Lin Hwai-min’s choreographies the company transforms ancient aesthetics into thrilling modern celebration of motion. This tour is made possible by a grant from the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan.


Prayer I
WANG Rong-yu

Holy River
CHEN Tsung-chiao   CHEN Mu-han   HOU Tang-li   HSIAO Tzu-ping   
HUANG Hsiao-che   HUANG Mei-ya   HUANG Pei-hua   KUO Tzu-wei   LEE Tsung-hsuan   
LEE Tzu-chun   SU I-ping   TSAI Ming-yuan   YANG I-chun   YU Chien-hung   

Prayer II
KO Wan-chun

 On the Road I
CHEN Wei-an, HSIAO Tzu-ping, HUANG Mei-ya, LEE Tzu-chun, LIU Hui-ling, YANG I-chun

Rite of Tree
CHEN Tsung-chiao, HSIAO Tzu-ping, HUANG Hsiao-che, HUANG Lu-kai, HUANG Mei-ya, KUO Tzu-wei, LAI Chun-wei, LIU Hui-ling, SU I-ping, WONG Lap-cheong       

Prayer III
YU Chien-hung

On the Road II
CHIU I-wen, HOU Tang-li,  LEE Tsung-hsuan, SU I-ping,  TSAI Ming-yuan, WONG Lap-cheong

Rite of Fire
CHEN Mu-han, HOU Tang-li, HUANG Hsiao-che, HUANG Lu-kai,KO Wan-chun,   LAI Chun-wei, LIU Hui-ling,TSAI Ming-yuan,WANG Po-nien,WONG Lap-cheong      

Prayer IV
CHEN Tsung-chiao, CHEN Wei-an, CHIU I-wen, HUANG Lu-kai, HUANG Mei-ya,   HUANG Pei-hua, KUO Tzu-wei, LAI Chun-wei, LEE Tzu-chun, WONG Lap-cheong,  YANG I-chun   

Finale or the Beginning
LIN Hsin-fang


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Sat, Apr 5, 2014 8:00 PM at Jones Hall

Jesse H. Jones Hall    615 Louisiana Street, Suite 100    Houston, Texas 77002-2715    713.227.4772
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